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Maxxis launches sports segment motorcycles tyres in India

Written by Nayak

Maxxis Tyres Introduces its specialised tyre range for the Sports Segment. The products launched are M6311/M6312 tubeless tyres under the MAXXCEED series. Maxxis claims that these tyres aim to provide excellent control while riding. In the current market, these tyres are available for Bajaj Pulsar (150, 160, 180, 200, 220), TVS Apache (160, 180, 200), Yamaha R15, Yamaha FZ, Honda Hornet and more. The company has mentioned that new patterns which are currently in production will hit the market soon. Tyres play a significant role in transferring engine power to the roads. From the safety point of view, tyres play a major role while braking and handling in various road conditions.

Critical Features Of M6311/M6312 Tubeless Tyres

Maxxis mentioned that these new tyres get a technologically advanced design. This helps in creating an optimally and structurally rigid tyre with a greater surface contact area. This results in much better control and stability, especially at higher speeds. The design of the tyres features a curvilinear design that helps in cornering on wet surfaces. The zigzag pattern on alternate lugs eases the stress on the tyres, which helps maintain the optimal tyre shape for a longer time. The closed grooves at the shoulder of these tyres reduce the chances of wear and tear. Maxxis claims that all these characteristics also help in improving the tyre’s total life.

Maxxis Unconditional Warranty

For the customers’ peace of mind, Maxxis is providing a 5+1 unconditional warranty with this set of M6311/M6312 tyres. This unconditional warranty has a ‘no-questions-asked policy that applies to all unserviceable and unrepairable tyres. Currently, the tyres are available in rim sizes 17 and 18. The tyres will be available across India at all Maxxis dealer outlets. Maxxis entered the Indian market in 2015. And since then, they have been increasing their reach in the country by expanding their dealership network.

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