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Maxxis launches special electric two-wheeler tyres

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The Indian subsidiary of Taiwan-headquartered largest two-wheeler tyre manufacturer Maxxis Tyre has announced that the brand has launched an exclusive range of electric two-wheeler tyres called Maxxis M922F. The M922F tubeless tyres are work harmoniously with 12-inch-tyre electric two-wheeler models. For the electric two-wheelers, the brand has developed a specialized compound technology that makes the M922F tyres lightweight, reducing the energy consumption by 5-10% and enhancing the operational range of an electric vehicle. 

Furthermore, the brand is also offering the industry-best 5+1 unconditional warranty with Maxxis M922F tyres. This unconditional warranty is a no-questions-asked offer that applies to all unserviceable and unrepairable tyres. Also, the new compound tyres that improve the electric two-wheelers efficiency is aligned with the Government of India’s Clean India Mission and is Maxxis’ first step towards the initiative. 

On the Maxxis M922F tyre, the tread features lateral as well as circumferential grooves. Both work together to offer an excellent amount of grip. The tyre boasts to provide a smooth ride on both wet roads and a well-paved terrain. The Maxxis M922F tyre features a larger contact patch, enabling the tread wear to be minimized to a large extent making the tyre last longer than conventional ones. 

In terms of specifications, the Maxxis M922F are available for a 12-inch rim size in 90/90-12 for the front wheel and 120/70-12 for the rear wheel. The brand has also shared that the front tyre comes with a load index of 44 and the speed rating on the tyre is J. The rear tyre comes with a load index of 51 and a speed rating of L. Which means the front tyre can take a load of up to 160 kgs and is rated safe for speeds of up to 100 kmph. On the other hand, the rear tyre can take loads of up to 195 kgs and is marked safe for speed of up to 120 kmph.