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Maserati Grecale SUV makes global debut in GT, Modena & Trofeo variants

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Trident brand Maserati has pulled the covers off the new Grecale SUV in the international markets. The new Maserati Grecale claims to be a “range within the range,” and Maserati’s first full SUV. The brand has revealed that the Grecale will be available with conventional internal combustion, hybrid and, in a year’s time, a fully electric powertrain. The Grecale will also become the Maserati brand’s first-ever full-electric SUV. Maserati also reveals that the Grecale offers off-road capabilities, uncompromising driving pleasure along comfort and safety. The brand has developed the Grecale SUV at the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena, and the new SUV is produced at the Cassino plant.

2022 Maserati Grecale SUV – Variants 

Maserati has announced that the Grecale SUV will be available in GT, Modena and Trofeo variants. In addition to this, the Grecale will also be available in the PrimaSerie Launch Edition. This will be a limited edition featuring exclusive content reveals the Italian brand. Furthermore, the brand also revealed that the Grecale Folgore, a 100% electric version with 400V technology, will also be available next year. 

2022 Maserati Grecale SUV – Engine Options

Powering the Grecalee GT will be a four-cylinder mild-hybrid engine. The engine will deliver 300 Hp of power. The Grecale Modena comes with a four-cylinder mild hybrid engine that produces 330 Hp of power. While the Trofeo comes with a high-performance 3.0-litre petrol V6 engine that produces 530 Hp of power. The engine on the Grecale Trofeo is based on the Nettuno engine fitted to the MC20. The Grecale Trofeo is capable of sprinting from 0-100 kmph in just 3.8 seconds. The SUV is also capable of achieving a top speed of 285 kmph.

The car features a 100% Maserati Vehicle Dynamic Control Module (VDCM) system. The Grecale also gets various drive modes – COMFORT, GT, SPORT, CORSA (Trofeo only) and OFF-ROAD. The Maserati Grecale measures 4,846 mm in length, 2,163 mm in height and 1,670 mm in height. The SUV also comes with a wheelbase of 2,901 mm. 

2022 Maserati Grecale SUV – Top Features

The Maserati Grecale SUV comes with features such as a 12.3-inch central touch screen which boasts of being the largest ever seen in a Maserati. The brand also offers another 8.8-inch display for the extra controls and a third for the passengers in the rear seats. The car also comes with Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) Multimedia system and Maserati Connect. The SUV also gets a Sonus Faber 3D sound system for an all-around sound experience. The sound system includes 14 speakers as standard or 21 speakers on-demand at the High Premium level. 

Maserati will soon announce the price of the Grecale in the international market. The brand is also likely to introduce the Grecale SUV in India after its international launch.

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