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Maserati announces 10-year warranty program

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Three fundamental factors guide the Maserati Personal Service Lab in developing new services for its customers. These factors are – flexibility, innovation and personalisation. As a part of this, Maserati introduced a new ‘Extra10 Warranty Program’. With this program, Maserati aims to extend the coverage of powertrain components such as engine and gearbox until the vehicle turns 10 years old. The company will offer this in addition to four or five years of existing extended warranty services and is available worldwide for all customers who own any Maserati model.

Maserati’s 10-Year Warranty Program – Details

Maserati says the new service lets the brand provide all of its customers with an innovative offer which adds value in terms of unparalleled flexibility in the automotive sector. It is a major new feature for Maserati and aims to consolidate its car’s value over time. At the same time, it will also guarantee total peace of mind by combining performance and driving pleasure, typical of a Maserati. The company did not release any pricing for the service. However, it will most likely differ vastly depending on the model and powertrain option.

Interested customers can visit any Maserati dealership to check if their car is included in the scheme. They will then get a call for all the information in order to activate the service. In addition, the dealer will also tell customers more about all the additional services that are available with the Extra10 Warranty Program. These include – pick-up and return service, courtesy car and more. 

Maserati says the service is available worldwide. However, reading the fine print shows it is not. The service is only available in the USA, Canada and Latin America starting from 1st October 2022. Furthermore, only Maserati cars within 9 years and 6 months from the registration date, with no mileage limit, are eligible.

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