Maruti Suzuki’s tips for long term car storage during Covid-19 Lockdown

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Maruti Suzuki has sent more than 25 million SMSes to reach out its customer with precautionary steps to prevent vehicle damage during long term storage due to the imposed lockdown advisory issued by the central Government amidst COVID-19 outbreak. The brand has also issued a special advisory for battery protection when the car is parked for a long duration.

Starting with battery care the brand advises its customers to start the engine and keep the motor running for at least 15 min once in a month at the minimum to keep the battery in good health. In case the car is equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries such as with Maruti Suzuki Smart Hybrid vehicles the engine should be turned over and kept running with the Headlamps in ON position for 30 mins at least once a month. 

Here are some more tips for Maruti Suzuki customers to ensure a healthy vehicle. Check engine fluids such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluids and rubber parts such as fan belts, A/C belts, rubber hoses etc. before starting the engine. After starting the vehicle, idle the engine for a couple of minutes to ensure that the engine oil has circulated inside the moving parts and all parts are lubricated for prolonged engine life and minimise overhaul intervals. Do not rev the engine immediately after cranking as this may damage the motor.

Keep the HVAC in ON position for a couple of minutes with the windows rolled down for maximum fresh air circulation. Inflate tyres to operational pressure and never drive on under-inflated tyres. HandBrake can be disengaged and park automatic transmission vehicles in ‘Park’ mode. Drive slowly with intermittent braking and check for anomalies. After long term parking, the brakes may emit noise initially due to oxidation on the disc rotors which should clear up after a few kilometres. Before turning off the car ensure all electricals such as lights and accessories are switched off to prevent unnecessary battery drainage. 

Maruti Suzuki has also announced the extension of free service, warranty and extended warranty that is scheduled to lapse in the period from 15 March 2020 to 30 April 2020, extended to a new expiry date which is 30 June 2020.