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Maruti Suzuki’s electric car plans for India revealed

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Suzuki Motor Corporations has just announced its global strategy plans. As per the document, new information about Maruti Suzuki’s plans in India have been revealed. Broadly, the Japanese carmaker plans to have almost 6 all-electric models in India by FY2030.

Maruti’s EV journey to start from FY2024

According to the aforementioned document, the first all-electric offering of Maruti Suzuki in India will be available to customers by 2025. This new electric vehicle will be based on the eVX Concept. This vehicle was showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo in Greater Noida this month. We know that Maruti’s forte lies in the small car, mass market segment and hence its electric offerings too will cater to this segment.

Other electric plans Suzuki

By 2030, Suzuki estimates that traditional ICE vehicles will account for just 60 percent of its portfolio sales. The balance 25 percent will come from hybrid-electric vehicles. And the remaining 15 percent would come from zero emission electric vehicles.

Further, Maruti will be launching six all-electric models by FY30. Apart from the electric vehicles, there are plans to introduce carbon-neutral ICE vehicles. These will use CNG, Biogas and Ethanol blended fuel mixes, amongst others, for propulsion.

Suzuki is betting high on India and Africa. According to the carmaker, these two are the fastest growing regions for the company. According to the Suzuki, India’s economy will grow from the present INR 130 lakh crore to a whooping INR 1,113 lakh crore by 2050.

Suzuki’s investments in India

Coming to investments, Suzuki will be pumping in INR 2.82 lakh crore by the end of this decade. This investment is planned to double its current turnover to INR 4.39 lakh crore as well as help towards a carbon-neutral future.

Maruti-Toyota Partnership

Additionally, Toyota and Maruti’s collaboration is set to increase. The Japanese companies will still consider each other as competitors globally. However, both will aim for a sustainable growth and tackling various issues of the auto industry. Currently, Suzuki is supplying various models to Toyota in India as well as other overseas markets and it is expected to continue.

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