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Maruti Suzuki will help rapid installation of Oxygen PSA plants

Written by Nayak

Maruti Suzuki will help boost the manufacturing of Oxygen PSA generator plants. The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India has completely derailed the healthcare system. There’s a shortage of oxygen in almost every state which is leading to casualties. Maruti Suzuki understands the importance of Oxygen PSA plants in the current time.

Currently, these plants are very limited in numbers, lacking both resources and the ability to scale up the production. Thus, Maruti Suzuki identified two companies in the NCR area to help them scale up their production. The two companies are, SAM Gas Projects Pvt Ltd and Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt Ltd. The company also temporarily closed its manufacturing plants to curb the spread of the virus.

Maruti Suzuki In Partnership With Two Oxygen PSA generator Plants

The two companies in NCR will leverage MSIL resources to rapidly scale up the production. The planning started on May 1st and soon a mutual agreement was made. MSIL will not interfere with the technology, quality or performance of the production. In fact, this agreement involves MSIL as a supporter of the business on a no-profit basis. MSIL is helping in the arrangement of Zeolite for Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt Ltd which is located in Ahmedabad. Zeolite is an imported material and is a critical requirement for a PSA plant.

Production Improvement At Both The Companies

With the help of MSIL, Airox is now producing one PSA plant per day. And, the company plans to rapidly scale up to make it 4 plants in a single day. For the month of May, the company has put on a target to make more than 50 plants. Also, Sam Gas Project Pvt Ltd, is getting assistance from JBML, which is a vendor of MSIL. This company will also scale up to produce at least 20 plants in May. MSIL and its vendor will procure these Oxygen PSA plants and donate them to the healthcare facilities. To ensure a fast installation process, MSIL has a separate team to take up the responsibility of the same.