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Maruti Suzuki True Value has sold over 50 lakh used car sales

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Maruti Suzuki is celebrating a new milestone. The carmaker’s Used car division, True Value, has sold 50 lakh pre-owned cars till date. The number is even more special since it has been reached in just 22 years. Maruti True Value was established back in 2001.

Maruti Suzuki True Value

The used car division of India’s largest carmaker was conceptualised as a way to offer customers a hassle-free way to purchase used cars. The sales experience of such customers was aimed to be the same as that of new car buyers. Potential buyers are offered safe and reliable cars with multi-point inspection from the carmaker. In some cases, new buyers are also eligible for extra warranty.

MSTV or Maruti Suzuki True Value comes with a systematic integration of technology and industry experience. Hence, the entire process of buying and selling cars is transparent and convenient.

True Value will offer reliable RC transfer, hassle-free documentation and on-time payment to enhance the customer’s experience. Customers will also benefit from doorstep evaluation, along with online preview of cars amongst others.

True Value Outlets pan-India

Overall, there are 560 True Value Outlets across 281 cities across India. There is a rigorous 376 checkpoint evaluation, repair / maintenance with Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts and customers will also benefit from a 1-year warranty and 3 free services. Buyers will also get services like financing, insurance, accessories under one roof.

3 Years of Maruti Suzuki Subscribe in India

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe recently celebrated its third anniversary. This car subscription program was launched in July 2020. It has emerged as an innovative and convenient mode of car ownership for customers. Thus providing them with unparalleled flexibility. Through a marketplace platform, the program offers customized car subscription options through multiple partners. Maruti has tied up with ALD Automotive, Orix, and others to offer

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