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Maruti Suzuki to launch electric WagonR in 2020, testing begins

Maruti Suzuki has commenced testing of their upcoming electric range of cars. Expected to make a market debut by 2020, the new electric Maruti Suzuki cars will be put through nation-wide road testing for validation. The car was showcased at MOVE Summit 2018, in New Delhi and looked like the next-generation WagonR hatchback.

So, in all-probability, the new Maruti Suzuki WagonR which is heading to India in early 2019 is the car which will get an electric powertrain first. And why not, it is the car used by commercial car operators the most in our country, and an electric motor makes perfect sense. This vehicle testing will offer real life driving data, road compatibility, charging requirements and overall help create a better ecosystem for EVs in India. And we know for sure, when Maruti Suzuki steps in the EV market, things will get pretty much heated in this segment with more brands jumping the gun.

This new WagonR EV was built at the brands Gurugram plant exclusively for fleet testing.

The WagonR always had polarizing design traits, because it is very boxy. This new EV hints at even flatter body panels which might also result in a few car fanatics talking about this negatively. But then, the market, the potential buyers don’t care and the WagonR has been a consistent hot seller in India. Also, the new car is expected to be more spacious. And from the looks of it, it seems like there will be plenty of feel good elements on the vehicle.