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Maruti Suzuki to help customers after Mumbai rain flooding

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Monsoon has arrives in the City of Mumbai and Maruti Suzuki India has started an initiative to help the rain-hit customers across the city by taking a series of measures. 

The company claims that it has sent over 3.4 lakh SMSs to their customers with informative steps on how to prevent car damage in the monsoons. To avail a direct reach for assistance the company has also shared the mobile numbers of service managers with customers, from their respective areas. Maruti Suzuki has also tied up with towing services to provide customers with assistance 24×7. To offer quick service the brand has strengthened the parts inventory to prevent any shortage. Maruti Suzuki has also tied up with Insurance companies for quick initiation and disposal of claims. 

Other measures that we at think a car owner should take especially during the monsoon season are as follows:-

  1. Keep the tyres in check – The tyres tread depth is what makes the water on the road surface seep out of the tyre’s surface to provide grip, adequate tyre tread will provide with good grip and reduce risks like skidding.
  2. Avoid waterlogged roads – water logging on the roads is a common problem in monsoon if you do have to drive through water, do it at a slow speed and with utmost care. A lot of accidents in the monsoon happen when motorist drive through water at a high rate of speed. Always remember water is an incompressible substance and no matter how heavy your vehicle is, a thin layer of water between the tyre and road surface is enough to cause aquaplaning and total loss of control. Water wading or driving through water at a high-speed can also leave the vehicle incapacitated, as water can easily make its way into sensitive electronics located inside the engine bay.
  3. Before moving out check on windshield wipers, windshield cleaning tanks and any tree leaves logged between the wiper and the glass surface. if possible use a water repellant solution on the ORVMs, available locally.
  4. Muddy water does kick up in monsoon and is almost unavoidable, the muddy water dries and leaves back a layer of dirt on the headlights, remember to clean them before driving out at night.