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Maruti Suzuki opens 400 True Value showrooms with new safety protocols

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

As the Govt. of India relaxes lockdown rules amidst COVID-19 outbreak in the country and brand’s start to resume operations adhering to new rules, Indo-Japanese car giant Maruti Suzuki India Limited has announced its new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for its Pre-Owned car retail brand, True Value. The new SOPs ensure the protection of its customers, employees and dealer partners from the COVID-19 outbreak as the brand plans to open up Maruti Suzuki True Value dealerships as soon as approvals from the Govt is released.

To minimise physical contact the True Value car retail sales channel now employs digital integration and to explore and shortlist their favoured pre-owned cars buyers can now use their contactless digital channels such as e-mails, phone, video calls, official True Value website and a dedicated mobile application platform. The documentation procedure will be strictly online for a collection of driving licences, e-dockets, handover pictures etc to avoid physical contact and virus spread. 

The stringent guidelines also dictate thermal screening and frequent sanitization of customer interaction points such as car evaluation area, parking, discussion area, display yard, registration desk, accessory display area, test drive vehicle, delivery and back office. The True Value staff visiting customer’s home undergo thermal screening before and after the visit along with following safety protocols with masks, social distancing, sanitizers and the True Value car will be disinfected thoroughly before its test drive. 

The brand encourages the customers to take deliveries of the True Value cars at their homes with protective kits. The brand also encourages digital communication modes/Video Call with the customer would be used for any after-sales support. 

All True Value showrooms are also sanitized according to the brand’s new SOPs and all the staff members have undergone safety training along with daily meetings in the mornings and strictly monitoring employees temperature. The SOPs also dictate frequent hand sanitization procedures, staggered lunch timings and compulsory wearing of face masks at all times during working hours. 

The brand under local government rules and guidelines have operationalised 400 True Value showroom remaining True Value showrooms to be opened shortly if they are not in containment zone or if not specifically restricted by any local guidelines.