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Maruti Suzuki now has 4,000+ service touch-points

Written by Nayak

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car manufacturer is increasingly spreading its reach to more locations and looking all set to keep the crown of the top-selling car manufacturer for a long time. In a recent report, Maruti Suzuki announced that its service network has crossed 4,000 touch-points across the country covering 1,989 towns and cities. With this, it currently stands as the widest service network offered by any car manufacturer in India. In the year 2020-21, the brand added close to 208 new service workshops even in the tough conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand mentions the three main key innovative offerings namely, Service on Wheels, Transparency via digital communication and Quick Response Team (QRT) helped to attract more people to join the Maruti Suzuki brand name.

Service on Wheels

Service on Wheels is a key pillar to the success of the Maruti Suzuki service network which offers the customers to service their car at their doorstep. This feature is exactly what customers are looking for, given the current situation and the rising cases of COVID-19 as most of the customers do not wish to visit any public places and do most of the work from the comfort of their home. The Service of Wheels is well equipped with all required tools and technologies which are capable to carry out any sort of scheduled maintenance and repair jobs. Maruti Suzuki mentioned that there are a total of 200+ units of these Service on Wheels available across 124 towns and cities.

Transparency via digital communication

The use of modern communication platforms and digital tools help the customers to get a fair and transparent estimation of all the repair cost. In this way, the customers get an overall idea of the expenses which helps in making faster decisions. All the new repairs, unaware by the customers will first need approval from the customer and after then only the repair work starts.

Quick Response Team (QRT)

This service improves the road-side assistance for all Maruti Suzuki customers. The Quick Response Team are are currently operational in over 249 cities, with a total of 780+ emergency service vehicles including bikes and four-wheelers. Maruti Suzuki claims that the QRT team served more than 1.14 lakh customers in the pandemic year.