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Maruti Suzuki Jimny Vs. Mahindra Thar – Price Comparison

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the Jimny SUV in India. Prices were announced back on June 7, 2023. Naturally, there were comparisons made of the Jimny with the existing off-roaders in India. Today, we will take a look at the price comparison of the Jimny and the Mahindra Thar.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny : Price details

The Jimny is available in two variants – Zeta and Alpha. Maruti also offers a choice of manual or automatic transmission across the range. The Jimny Zeta starts from INR 12,74,000 for the manual and goes upto INR 13,94,000 for the automatic.

Meanwhile, the Alpha manual has a price of INR 13,69,000 while the Alpha automatic will set back owners by INR 14,89,000. Maruti also offers a dual tone option of the Alpha at a premium of INR 16,000.

Mahindra Thar : Price Details

For starters, the Mahindra Thar is available in both Rear-wheel-drive and Four-wheel-drive configurations. Further, Thar owners can also choose from petrol or diesel engine along with manual or automatic gearbox options. In terms of price, the Thar AX range starts from INR 10,54,500 for the diesel MT and 13,87,000 for the petrol 4×4 MT. The Thar AX diesel 4×4 MT is priced at INR 14,49,000.

Meanwhile, the Thar LX range starts from INR 12,05,500 for the diesel RWD MT and 13,49000 for the petrol RWD AT. Meanwhile the Thar LX petrol MT 4×4 will cost INR 14,56,301, the LX petrol AT 4×4 INR 16,10,400 while the diesel MT 4×4 varies from INR 15,14,999-15,35,001. The diesel AT 4×4 will cost INR 16,57,501-16,77501.

Jimny vs Thar : Price comparison

Hence, as we can see from the prices, we will have to compare the petrol versions of the Thar with the Jimny. In such a case, the Jimny Zeta MT goes against Thar AX Opt 4WD, while the Alpha variant heads up against LX. Do note LX comes in both AT and MT variants while the AX gets only the manual transmission option.

Thus, there is a price difference of INR 1.13 lakh between Maruti Jimny Zeta MT and Thar AX Opt 4WD. There is no equivalent variant of the Jimny Zeta AT. Coming to Alpha, the Jimny undercuts the respective petrol MT and AT Thar variants by INR 87,000 and INR 1.21 lakh respectively.

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