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Maruti Suzuki Ignis gets an EV conversion kit, up to 240 km range

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Customers looking to buy electric vehicles from Maruti Suzuki can now do so with the help of Northway Motorsport. This is a Pune based company that has launched an EV conversion kit for Maruti Ignis. Starting at INR 12.50 lakh, the standard kit offers a range of 120 km. Meanwhile, the long-range kit that offers a range of 240 km has a sticker price of INR 14.50 lakh. Going forward, Northway will offer these conversion kits for Ignis MT 2021 and beyond. The torque output figure of the kit stands at 170 Nm. With this equipped kit, the top speed of the car is 140 kmph.

The company mentioned that the manual transmission will offer extra torque when required. This will come in handy in heavy traffic or overtaking situations. Frequent downshifts to lower gears results in deceleration, thus recharging the battery using the regenerative braking system. The company claims that the battery will get charged in 3 to 7 hours. To further provide peace of mind to the customer, Northway offers a 2-year/60,000 km warranty.

Electric Vehicles Demand On The Rise

With the increase in fuel prices, customers are more than willing to shift their focus to electric vehicles. Along with this, the central government and various state governments are also supporting the sales of electric vehicles. They have introduced a host of EV-centric initiatives favouring the sale of electric vehicles. Tata Motors is one such car maker that is investing heavily in the e-mobility segment. Contrary to this, Maruti Suzuki is not in a hurry to join the EV moment anytime soon.

The carmaker mentioned that they will enter the segment only when it is feasible for customers in terms of affordability. Maruti Suzuki is looking for other alternative options to replace traditional petrol and diesel fuel. The most exciting and promising option that is in the news recently is ethanol fuel. Even the Indian Government is looking to encourage more participation and research with ethanol fuel, which is already in use at a large scale in the US, Canada and Brazil.

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