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Maruti Suzuki highlights the technology in their cars

Written by Nayak

Maruti Suzuki has launched a new campaign named ‘People Technology’ which celebrates the innovative technologies of the company. The country’s largest carmaker wants to offer its customers with Comfortable, Environmental, Safe and Connected technologies at a competitive price. Maruti Suzuki has identified 7 recent technologies namely, Smart Hybrid, S-CNG, K-Series Engines, HEARTECT platform, Suzuki Connect telematics solutions, Smartplay infotainment system and a range of Automatic Transmissions that aims to make a noticeable difference in the Indian market.

Comfort and Convenience

Maruti Suzuki offered its first two-pedal car in 2014 and till date, it has sold over 7.5 lakh vehicles with an automatic gearbox and more the 2020 calendar it has reported a total sales of 2.3 lakh units. The company claims that it revolutionized the Indian automotive market with its Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology which offers convenience at an affordable price and also without any compromise with the fuel efficiency. Currently, Maruti Suzuki is offering the AGS technology in 6 models. Along with AGS, the company also offers two other two-pedal transmissions including Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), Automatic Transmission. The Smartplay Studio Infotainment is offered in the Maruti Suzuki cars in form of a new-age 7-inch connected touch screen system which offers smartphone connectivity along with a host of other smart functionalities.

Connected Car

The entire world is getting more digitized with various tech-driven tools and it is equally important that the automotive sector also keeps up with this. Keeping this is in mind, Maruti Suzuki has also introduced its connected car tech named ‘Suzuki Connect’ which provides advanced features like vehicle tracking, emergency alerts, live vehicle statistics, driving behaviour analysis and more.

Environment Friendly

The need of the hour is to reduce the carbon footprint and Maruti Suzuki claims that it has introduced various initiatives like up-gradation of the current K-Series engines, the addition of the S-CNG technology and the use of Smart Hybrid Technology in its models. The company claims that the above initiatives have helped them to achieve about 20% weighted CO2 reduction in the past 15 years.


In terms of safety, the company claims that all its models comply with all the mandatory safety features like driver airbags, ABS, rear parking sensor, seat belt reminder and speed alert system providing optimal safety to the vehicle occupants.