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Maruti Suzuki extends free service & warranty period till 30th June 2021

Written by Nayak

Maruti Suzuki is extending its customers’ free service and warranty period. The company mentioned that the customers whose free service and warranty period was expiring between 15th March and 31st May 2021 will now get an extension till 30th June 2021. This will add so much convenience to the customers. The current situation is getting worse day by day, and hence people are staying at home the maximum time. Thus, the customers are not able to service their vehicles on time. Recently, MG Motor India and Tata Motors also made similar announcements.

Maruti Suzuki Extends Its Support To Fight Covid-19

The situation in the country is quite alarming. The cases are increasing as the entire health care system is running a shortage of essential medical equipment. To help close the gap, Maruti Suzuki mentioned that it would help boost the manufacturing of Oxygen PSA generator plants. The shortage of oxygen is one of the critical reasons for the maximum number of Covid-19 casualties. Maruti is in partnership with two companies in NCR, SAM Gas Projects Pvt Ltd and Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt Ltd. With both these companies, Maruti will help scale up the oxygen production. With this, the collaboration aims to make 50 PSA plants in May.

In Other News

For April 2021, the country’s largest car manufacturer registered a cumulative sales of 1,59,691 units. To help curb the spread of the virus, Maruti Suzuki announced the temporary closure of its manufacturing facilities. Initially, the closure was planned from 1st May to 9th May. But as per new reports, now Maruti Suzuki extends plant shutdown till 16th May. The rumours of Maruti Suzuki Jimny are taking up some pace now. It looks very likely that the SUV will hit the Indian roads by next year. The SUV is a massive hit in the overseas market, and Maruti will aim to replicate that in India. The launch of the next generation Celerio will also happen sometime in mid-2021.

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