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Maruti Suzuki emphasising Strong Hybrid technology in cars

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Maruti Suzuki is making significant moves in the realm of green technology. The company is emphasising the use of Strong Hybrid Technology in its cars, a move that is set to revolutionise the Indian automobile industry.

What is Strong Hybrid Technology?

Strong Hybrid Technology uses a combination of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine to optimise fuel efficiency as well as performance. This combination ensures smooth and responsive torque under load or acceleration. In addition to this, regenerative braking ensures that the energy lost under braking is recouped and channelled back into the battery pack. This recycling of energy helps add range and remove range anxiety.

Benefits of Strong Hybrid Technology

The benefits of Strong Hybrid Technology are manifold. It offers higher fuel efficiency, silent drive, improved acceleration, and less CO2 emissions. The power control unit enhances fuel efficiency, resulting in improved mileage. The technology also allows owners to switch to an electric-only mode that offers a completely silent and emissions-free driving experience.

Maruti Suzuki’s Plans

Maruti Suzuki is looking at introducing strong-hybrid technology across its entire model range. The company plans to kick off this initiative with the arrival of Maruti’s version of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. The new-generation Maruti Swift and Dzire will also be among the top receivers of this technology.

C V Raman, Chief Technical Officer, Maruti Suzuki India stated, “In the next five to seven years, every model will have some element (of green technology) or the other. There will be no pure petrol powertrain across the range.”


Maruti Suzuki’s emphasis on Strong Hybrid Technology is a promising step towards a sustainable future. With benefits like higher fuel efficiency and less CO2 emissions, this technology is set to make a significant impact on the Indian automobile industry. As Maruti Suzuki continues to innovate and lead the way in green technology, the future of Indian motoring looks bright and sustainable.


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