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Maruti Suzuki dumps Diesel engine plans, focus on greener alternatives

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Keeping an option open to use the diesel powertrain in its mid-size vehicles, Maruti Suzuki stopped producing small diesel-run cars. Although, consumers branching off towards petrol engines has led to the brand bidding farewell to its diesel engine. The brand hastened the production of vehicles using compressed natural gas and alternative fuels after putting a stop to its diesel plans. This move caters to the government’s plan of encouraging the faster transition to cleaner forms of mobility.

Maruti Suzuki 1.5-litre Diesel Model Cancelled for India

Maruti Suzuki has also cancelled the project to develop a new 1.5-litre diesel for the Indian Market. Thanks to the rise in petrol and diesel prices domestically, the brand aims to sell more than 500,000 CNG vehicles. According to company officials, CNG could account for a quarter of total sales in India by the fiscal year ending March 2024.

1/3 Maruti Suzuki cars are CNG Models

To conform with Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations, the brand ensured running a third of its total production on greener fuels. Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava stated that its production target starting April 2022 is 350,000-400,000 CNG vehicles. Including hybrids and flex-fuel, the brand aims to sell 250,000 CNG vehicles in the ongoing fiscal year of 2022. The shift towards CAFE2 norms will cause the sales of CNG vehicles to exceed those of diesel vehicles.

Other News:

Maruti Suzuki has launched an industry-first AI-based, 24×7 virtual car assistant app called “S-Assist”. The app offers NEXA based customers end-to-end solutions along with an immersive online after-sales experience. Equipped with scan and voice capability, “S-Assist” was created by Delhi-based start-up ‘Xane.AI’. It’s one of 13 projects fostering under Maruti Suzuki for innovation via collaboration with start-ups. The brand also launched an innovation program, “MAIL (Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab)”, in January 2019.

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