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Maruti Suzuki sold more than 2 lakh cars online

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Maruti Suzuki India has established the country’s largest digital sales network covering nearly 1000 dealerships across 3000 touchpoints in the country. The online sales network enables customers to get information from their preferred dealer quickly and the system has led to nearly 21 lakh digital enquiries since April 2019. The digital sales initiative is not only convenient but also safe and enhances the customer’s retail experience. 

According to Google research, more than 72% of customers looking to buy automobiles make an online query. Therefore, Maruti Suzuki has made it’s online digital initiative simple and transparent which helps facilitate the customer’s decision. The digital sales network was initiated two years back and the brand now boasts to have more than 1000 online dealerships that sell more than 2 lakh cars. 

As per the Google Auto Gear Shift India 2020 Report, nearly 95% of the new car sales is digitally influenced, over various mediums, and customers first research online before stepping into the showroom. As customer behaviour inclines further towards digital sales, evident through the number of enquiries that have increased to more than 33% in the last 5 months. The digital sales have also increased by 20% which is nearly 5 times. 

The brand also reveals that it has a robust backend and a data-driven Hyperlocal marketing approach, that allows personalised one-to-one communication with the millions of Maruti Suzuki customers. The brand has employed a state-of-the-art technology platform that enables the synergy between the OEM and dealer websites, also strengthening local messaging. The brand is using online platforms like Google and Facebook to bring digital expertise to dealers. The brand is also building digital marketing capabilities and offering training to its dealer partners to upgrade their knowledge with regards to the new digital platforms. 

In related news, the company has registered the sales of 182,448 units in October 2020 showing a growth of 18.9% over October 2019. In the domestic market, Maruti Suzuki sold 166,825 units along with 6,037 units for other OEMs. The brand also exported 9,586 units in October 2020.