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Mahindra’s new mileage guarantee for BS6 OBD II trucks

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Mahindra‚Äôs Truck and Bus Division (MTBD) has introduced an innovative customer value proposition for their entire range of BS6 OBD II trucks. The initiative, dubbed “Get More Mileage or Give the Truck Back,” aims to address the challenges posed by rising fuel prices and evolving regulatory standards.

New Range

Mahindra’s new truck range includes the BLAZO X, FURIO, OPTIMO, and JAYO models, spanning heavy, intermediate, and light commercial vehicles (HCV, ICV, and LCV). These trucks are equipped with advanced engines: the 7.2L mPower Engine for HCVs and the mDi Tech Engine for ILCVs, both featuring FuelSmart Technology and Mild EGR with a proven After Treatment System. These technologies ensure lower Ad Blue consumption and enhanced fuel efficiency, collectively referred to as “Fluid Efficiency.”

Extensive Testing for Superior Efficiency

To validate their mileage guarantee, Mahindra conducted rigorous fluid efficiency trials across 21 product categories, including 71 models, some of which were competitor vehicles. The tests, conducted over 100,000 kilometers and under various load and road conditions, were supervised and validated by an independent credible agency.

Advanced Telematics and Support

Mahindra’s trucks are equipped with the iMAXX telematics technology, allowing real-time monitoring and optimization of fleet operations. The Driver Information System further ensures safe and efficient operations by monitoring vehicle performance and driver conduct. These features provide customers with vital information, enabling informed decision-making and maximizing profitability.

Additionally, Mahindra offers peace of mind through schemes like a 36-hour guaranteed turnaround at workshops, casualty coverage for drivers under the mAahshray program, and 24/7 multi-language support for truck drivers in emergencies.

Extensive Service Network

MTBD boasts a robust service and spares network with over 400 touchpoints, including 80 3S dealerships, over 2900 roadside assistance service points, and a spares network of over 1600 retail outlets along key trucking routes across India.

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