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Mahindra’s electric XUV700 / XUV e8 getting ready for debut

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mahindra is getting ready to introduce yet another electric SUV in the clean green segment. The brand showcased the XUV e8 concept and now the electric SUV is taking form in flesh. Now, reports reveal that the new electric XUV700 is now close to production. In addition to this, the brand could be planning its launch by the end of this year.

New spy shots reveal that the XUV e8 looks quite similar to the XUV700. However, under the skin the electric SUV will be completely new. The pictures taken from inside the Mahindra factory are sans camouflage. The car still looks unfinished but the design flow is similar to the design patent that the brand has filed.

Mahindra XUV e8 – Differentiating Factors

Spy shots reveal that the XUV e8 features a completely new fascia with a connecting lightbar. The EV also features a closed-off grille and bumper mounted triangular headlamps. However, the bonnet and doors appear similar to the ICE XUV700. Spyshots of the rear end are not visible, but speculation is that EV specific changes are likely to be made to the XUV e8.

Speculation is that the XUV e8 is likely to come with three screens on the dashboard. One for the infotainment, another for the driver’s instruments and the third one dedicated to the passenger. Another touchscreen on the dash, a fourth one is likely to be for the climate control. Interior elements such as seats, door cards and switchgear are likely to be borrowed from the ICE XUV700 to balance the economies of scale.

Mahindra XUV e8 – Powertrain

The Mahindra XUV e8 will underpin the Born Electric INGLO skateboard platform. The power output is likely to be in the range of 230 Hp to 350 Hp and is likely to come with an 80 kWh battery pack. The XUV e8 is also likely to come with an all-wheel-drive system.

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