Mahindra unveils tactical armoured vehicle ‘ALSV’ for military operations

Written by Nizam Shaikh

World-renowned tactical armoured vehicles manufacturer Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring (MEVA, Mahindra Armoured), Mahindra’s armoured vehicle division and engineering facility with its R&D centres located in UAE and Jordan that provide armoured vehicles in the international market has unveiled the new ‘Mahindra ALSV’ which is short for ‘Armoured Light Specialist Vehicle’. 

The Mahindra ALSV is a tactical armoured vehicle for use by Military and Security personnel and is based on a modular design that can be enhanced or configured in the field to suit a number of applications and variety of operations. The Mahindra ALSV can be used in both open and desert environments for conventional operations such as border security, raids, transporting weapons, reconnaissance as well as specialised counter-terrorism operations for the Special Forces, Quick Reaction Teams and patrolling high-intensity areas. 

The Mahindra ALSV features STANAG Level I Ballistics and Blast protection for four crew members with battle load for the front, side and rear of the vehicle along with ballistic protection upgradable up to B7, STANAG Level II along with storage space for arms and ammunition inside the crew compartment as well as an additional 400 Kgs cargo load-carrying capacity. STANAG is short for ‘Standardization Agreement’ also known as STANAG Agreement for redundancies, in NATO terms and defines terms for common military-technical procedures and protection levels. Think of it as the NCAP of Military vehicles. 

The Mahindra ALSV features a squared-off design not only to intimidate rivals but add protection and ease of repairs in the battlefield. The front end features a vertically slated signature Mahindra grille design, flared wheel arches, an electric winch mounted on the front apron for recovery, rounded headlamps, armour-plated bonnet, sloped Multi-Layered Ballistic Glass windscreen, clamshell doors that can be easily replaced in the field, screen and ballistic glass windows with mesh protection, bonnet mounted ORVMs, Medium Machine Gun (MMG) mount on the roof, gun hatch, Automatic Grenade Launcher, camouflage net storage etc. 

On the inside, the ALSV features driver + five seating option, Tactical Command & Control with Mapping, Blast Mitigation Floor Mat, HF/VHF/UHF radio, in-service GPS, surveillance configuration, Public Address system etc. 

The Mahindra ALSV is powered by a 3.2-litre In-Line Six-Cylinder, Turbocharged, multi-fuel, electronically controlled diesel engine which supports both diesel and NATO fuels and generates 215 Hp of power @ 3600 RPM and 500 Nm of torque @ 2000 RPM matched to a 4-speed/6-speed automatic Lightweight GM Transmission unit with 4X4 featuring front and rear differential locks. The ALSV features a self-inflation system with FINABEL standard run-flat 318/80 R17 tyres. 

The Mahindra ALSV can accelerate from 0-60 kmph in 12 seconds and can reach speeds of up to 120kmph. The ALSV comes with long travel all-wheel independent Bilstein heavy-duty suspension, Double Wishbone Axle and has a  30-degree gradability with parking brake holding capacity in full GVW.

The Mahindra ALSV comes in 6 to 8-seater variants and is offered pre-configured for different roles such as – Command and Control Vehicle, Armoured Protection Vehicle, Light Mortar 81/82mm Vehicle, Ammunition Carrier for Light Weapons and Light Armoured Ambulance.