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Mahindra Two Wheelers & UM Motorcycles DEAD with 0 sales

The new safety regulations date has passed and most Original Equipment Manufacturers have already updated their vehicles to conform with the new safety standards as per the Government mandate. As per regulations, two-wheelers with engine capacity of 125cc and above should be equipped with at least a single-channel ABS and two-wheelers below 125cc be equipped with CBS (combi braking system).

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer’s (SIAM) data for April 2019 shows that ‘0’ units have been sold by Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. and UM Motorcycles. Both manufacturers have missed the upgrade deadline and that could be the reason of their sales figure.

Mahindra Two Wheelers has struggled with almost all of their motorcycles and scooters, starting with the Centuro and Pantero commuter motorcycles and then the Gusto 110 and 125 scooter models and finally with the Mojo 300 motorcycle in the premium segment. The sales on the Mojo and Gusto have been down from the past several months and it is being speculated that Mahindra may be planning to discontinue them, but no official announcement has been made.

Jawa Motorcycles is the only two-wheeler to bring successful sales for Mahindra, all the other models’ performance is negligible. Jawa Motorcycles started to accept bookings from 15th November 2018 and have dispatched just 54 motorcycles in the month of March 2019. April figures are not available yet, but many customers are awaiting delivery, and most are also feeling cheated.

Performance Data for Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.

Variant March 19 April 19
Gusto 60 0
Rodeo 0 0
Centuro 52 0
Mojo XT300 167 0
Mojo UT300 4 0
Jawa 54 NA

UM Motorcycles is also having a slow start and the American brand has very few mainstream motorcycles in their portfolio but the brand along with their partner in India, Lohia Auto are struggling to sustain in the market. Their lackluster bikes fail to make a cut and appeal to the learned two-wheeler buyer.

Performance Data for UM Lohia Auto

Variant March 19 April 19
Commando 8 0
Mojave 1 0
Sports 0 0
Classic 3 0