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Mahindra to introduce Bolero camper van?

Written by Nayak

Mahindra is exploring options to introduce a caravan soon. As per reports, the company has partnered with Campervan Factory to launch affordable campervans in India. Under this, Mahindra and IIT Madras’ Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre plan to develop caravans based on the Bolero Camper. This is great news, especially for the self-driving tourism segment in India. Caravans are an essential part of tourism in the overseas country, but in India, they are not popular as of yet. But, if a big company like Mahindra is bringing up its products, we could see Caravans getting much love in the country.

What Is A Caravan like?

These trucks offer all the necessary facilities. You can call it home on wheels. Mahindra Bolero Gold Camper caravan will most likely come with a sleeping facility, sitting and dining equipment, bio-toilet, shower, mini kitchen with fridge and microwave and an AC of course given India’s scorching summers. Customers can also opt for equipping a complete multimedia experience, including television and other conveniences.

We expect, driving one would also not require any additional skills. This opens up the possibility of tour operators renting these caravans out as self-drive campers. The prevailing after-effects of Covid-19, the caravan concept will attract a significant number of tourists. They will act as a bio bubble without having to interact with other tourists, thus minimising the risk of contact with outsiders. These caravans are best suited for the unexplored locations that tourists leave due to lack of staying options.

Various State Government Interested

Given the success of caravans in the foreign market, chances are high that we see a similar trend in India as well. Many state governments have also announced their plan to support innovative tourism initiatives like these. Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and other states have already announced caravan policies. With more expected to join in the future, this is the best time to promote the caravan concept.

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