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Mahindra Supro Profit Truck gets 2 hours service guarantee

Written by Nayak

Mahindra and Mahindra announces a new value proposition for its recently launched Supro Profit Truck. As per an independent certification, it is now a fact that the Supro Profit Truck customers can earn up to 25 to 36 per cent higher operating profit, all thanks to the truck’s proven fuel efficiency and payload. Mahindra is one of the top Commercial Vehicle manufacturers in India. And products like these make Mahindra one of the first choices among the customers in the commercial segment. Mahindra has also mentioned Customer Prosperity as one of their top priority and products like these are testimony for the same.

Details About Supro Platform

Mahindra’s Supro platform caters to a wide range of products. A total of 8 offerings in various different body forms, engine options and fuel options are based on this Supro platform. There are two diesel options available, in the form of 26 BHP and 47 BHP engine output. In the CNG fuel option, there is one option in the form of 26 BHP engine output. In terms of different body types, Supro is available with deck lengths of 7.5 ft (Mini), 8.2 ft (Maxi) and Cabin-Body-Chassis (CBC) form. For the convenience of the driver, this Supro Profit truck also gets AC and a mobile charging point.

For passenger movement, Supro is available with a 10 seater option with both semi-hardtop and hardtop options. Mahindra claims that this multi-seater people carrier provides ample space, comfort and safety. This is best suitable as contract carriage, school & staff transportation, stage carriage and more.

More Details

Mahindra is taking full care of the after-sales service as well. The company has launched two powerful after-sales service guarantees to assert the same. The first is the Schedule Service Guarantee of 2 hours turnaround time or INR 500 compensation per day. The second is the Paid Service Guarantee of 5 hours turnaround time or INR 750 compensation per day. Mahindra is also providing a class-leading warranty of 3 years/80,000 km(whichever is earlier), thus adding to the peace of mind of the customers.

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