Mahindra Scorpio-N under a waterfall, the truth

Written by Kanad Kalasur

A few days back, a video of a Mahindra Scorpio-N under a waterfall had surfaced online. In that video, the water started leaking inside the cabin despite having the windows closed along with the sunroof shut. Now, Mahindra has released a new video under the same waterfall albeit, there are no leaks as shown in the earlier video.

Waterfall video that went viral

The Scorpio N owner sees a waterfall and takes this opportunity to wash his car. However, after driving under the waterfall, some water starts coming into the cabin. Slowly, this increases and now there is water gushing from the LHS top speaker as well as other trim pieces. This could mean a fault in one of the seals that help prevent water ingress in the rain.

However, the owner is dismayed over the fact that his car sprung a leak and reveals that he will never buy a car with a sunroof again.

What could go wrong?

The waterfall source is unknown as we don’t know what kind of debris flows in it. Hence when going under any waterfall, it is possible that some debris like a rock or a tree trunk or any other material could fall on the car. This will definitely end up damaging the roof if not anything else. If a sharp object lands on the sunroof, it may even crack the glass.

Mahindra’s response to this video

While the video doesn’t have any speech, Mahindra took pains to find the same waterfall and took another Scorpio to showcase that it doesn’t leak when under the waterfall. However, the carmaker has not shared why this happened in the earlier vehicle nor gave any justification as to what could be the root cause of the leak, or the fixes done to that particular vehicle.

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