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Mahindra launches PlantingMaster Potato +, precision Potato Planting Machine

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), has announced the launch of a new advanced Precision Potato Planting machinery, the new ‘PlantingMaster Potato +’. The PlantingMaster Potato + has been designed and developed in collaboration with Europe-based Potato machinery company, Dewulf. Mahindra and Dewulf have together developed the new PlantingMaster Potato +, to suit the Indian farming conditions and offer Indian farmers higher yields and enhanced crop quality. 

In 2019, Mahindra and Dewulf partnered with the progressive farmers in Punjab to introduce the new precision potato planter. These farmers from Punjab have reported an increase of yield of 20-25% increase over traditional methods. As India is the second-largest Potato producer in the World, but lack behind in the yield department this new precision potato planter will help boost in that department. 

The PlantingMaster Potato + also ensures that there is a high level of singulation which means that there is only one potato planted in one spot and not two, also ensuring that no seeds are missed. The new precision planter also ensures that potatoes are planted accurately ensuring uniform depth and uniform seed to seed distance. Additionally, the ridges created over the planted potatoes have just the right level of soil compaction, ensuring each plant has its own room to grow developing healthy tubers, has enough water and sunlight to obtain better than before crop yield and quality.

Potato yield India is 8.5 tonnes/acre as compared to the Netherlands which yields 17 tonnes/acre, with majority factors determining the level of crop yields and one of the most important elements being the use of appropriate farm machinery. The brand has also announced that the new PlantingMaster Potato + will be available for sale in Punjab, on sale & rent in UP, and for rent in the Gujarat market through Mahindra’s rental entrepreneur network.

In related news, Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), registered tractor sales of 24,458 units (Domestic + Exports) as against 14,817 units for the same period last year. 955 units were exported.