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Mahindra First Choice Services Introduces ‘A DATE WITH YOUR CAR’ to Service Your Own Car

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mahindra Firse Choice Services has launched a new & unique initiative called ‘A Date with your Car’. In this initiative, car owners will be given a chance to service their vehicle themselves to give them a better idea of what does down under the hood. MFC technicians will guide car owners throughout this process so the next time they go for a car service, they can make a informed decision.

Car owners will have to take prior appointment to avail this service. MFC service technicians will be available to help consult and also fix the car if there is a bigger problem. Customers will be provided all the necessary tools and equipment to perform the service by themselves. Also, no labour cost will be charged when the customer performs the entire service by themself.

This initiative is applicable only for regular maintenance.

Mahindra First Choice Services offers complete car maintenance & servicing solutions starting from body repairs, paint, alignment, and other maintenance activities while offering branded generic spare parts. MFC currently has over 340 workshops across 24 states and wants to become the top 3 car service providers for cars out of warranty by 2018.

MFC also provides cashless insurance claim settlement for accidental damage repairs.