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Mahindra Electric launches MESMA 48 platform, partners with Green.TV

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd, part of the Mahindra Group which is one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in India has launched the MESMA 48 electric platform and announced that the brand is elevated to be one of the founding partners of the first-ever World EV Day, to be held today. The World EV day is being hosted by Green.TV, dedicated to raising awareness about global electric mobility. With this new initiative, global leaders will gather together to promote Electric vehicles on a global platform and highlight the benefits of electric mobility. 

With electric mobility in mind, Mahindra Electric has also highlighted the brand’s MESMA 48 platform boasts to not only be a  cost-effective electric platform but also offers globally competitive quality. Mahindra Electric’s MESMA platform has till date  powered over 11,000 EVs on Indian roads. The platform supports electrification of a range of vehicles including three-wheelers, quadricycles and even compact cars.

The MESMA platform features highlights such as voltage systems ranging from 44V to 96V, scalable features both performance and range while claiming to have better acceleration than  ICE counterparts. The components are also available in both liquid  and  air-cooled configurations, as per requirement. 

The platform also accommodates drivetrains with power ranging from 6 kW to 40 kW and subsequent torque ranging from 40 Nm to 120 Nm, can be made available with three varying transmission ratios to suit the performance requirements. The MESMA 48 platform is ideal for both passenger and load-carrying capacity as it can achieve a top speed of up to 80 Kmph. The MESMA 48 platform is compatible with both rigid and flexible axle systems and is suitable for L5, L6 and L7 categories. 

The platform also boasts to be cost-effective as the platform features integrated drive solutions and high power density. The cost efficiency is maximised by using temperature tolerant LFP cells and high energy density NMC cells which can match the performance, range, price and environment requirements of a wide range of applications. Mahindra Electric vehicles also boast to have crossed over 234 million  km on Indian roads and have over  50 patents filed globally.