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Mahindra confirms Bolero.E & Scorpio.E electric SUVs

Written by Kanad Kalasur

At the Mahindra’s Futurescape event in South Africa, the carmaker revealed many new plans of the company. Key to these were the future electric vehicles. Now, Mahindra has also revealed that the Thar, Scorpio and the Bolero will get electric versions. These will get the ‘.e’ suffix like the other upcoming EV vehicles.

Mahindra also revealed the new logo for the aforementioned Born EV range of electric SUVs. Mahindra CEO and Executive Director Rajesh Jejurikar confirmed that the Indian carmaker plans to eventually electrify all the models in their portfolio.

Scorpio.e and Bolero.e : What can we expect?

Both the EV versions of these popular SUVs will be offered in a RWD guise. The motors are expected to be sourced from Volkswagen. They will be underpinned by Thar.e’s P1 variant of the INGLO skateboard platform.

Other details are not yet known at this point. Meanwhile the ICE version will continue to be sold alongside based on the ladder-frame chassis.

Launch timeline of the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e

Between December 2024 and April 2026, Mahindra already has 4 new electric SUVs being launch. Hence, we can expect the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e to be launched after this.

New details of the Mahindra BE.05

Recently, Mahindra revealed the timelines for its new Born Electric range of electric vehicles. Now, lead designer at Mahindra, Pratap Bose has revealed an image of what appears to be the production-ready BE.05.

As seen in the image, we can see the top portion of the SUV. Here, Mahindra could have used a fixed glass roof. This means that customers will not be able to open it. A fixed sunroof will also offer a larger opening and allow more light in. There could be an electric window shade to keep the car cool under harsh sunlight. We can also see the rear hatch open. There appears to be a large wing on the boot lid.

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