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Mahindra Bolero Neo gets 1-Star safety rating from Global NCAP

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The Mahindra Bolero Neo, a sub-4m SUV widely acclaimed for its versatility and robust performance, recently underwent a safety evaluation by the Global New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). The results, however, were less than stellar, with the vehicle garnering a 1-star safety rating for both adult and child safety.

Adult Safety Protection

The Bolero Neo attained a score of 20.26 out of 34.00 for adult safety protection1. The inclusion of Seat Belt Reminders (SBRs) failed to meet Global NCAP requirements, further impacting the overall safety rating.

While passenger head protection was commendable, the driver’s head protection was marginal. Both driver and passenger necks exhibited good protection. However, concerns arose regarding weak chest protection for the driver and marginal knee protection for both occupants. The footwell area was deemed unstable, and the bodyshell was rated as incapable of withstanding further loadings.

Notably, head, abdomen, and pelvis protection fared well, with adequate chest protection1. However, a concerning observation was the rear door on the struck side opening after the test, highlighting potential safety vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the absence of standard curtain airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) further contributed to safety concerns.

Child Safety Protection

In terms of child safety protection, the Bolero Neo garnered a 1-star rating, scoring 12.71 out of 49.00 points.

While the forward-facing child seat for the 3-year-old provided nearly full protection, the rearward-facing seat for the 18-month-old offered limited protection, particularly in preventing head exposure. Additionally, shortcomings were noted in the installation of Child Restraint Systems (CRS), with multiple positions failing to meet safety standards.

Encouragingly, both CRSs offered full side impact protection1. However, deficiencies in standard 3-point belts across seating positions and inadequate safety warnings regarding rearward-facing CRS installation further impacted child occupant safety.

Response to Mahindra Bolero Neo Safety Rating

In response to the safety rating, Mahindra issued a statement saying, “The Bolero Neo is the trusted utility vehicle of choice in India, owing to its robust build, highly dependable nature, and its innate capability to handle a variety of usage conditions1. Bolero Neo has always complied with safety regulations that have been introduced over time and continues to be fully compliant with the latest Indian safety standards1. As we are constantly innovating and improving our vehicles to exceed safety regulations, we want to assure our customers and stakeholders that Mahindra has significantly enhanced safety features in all our recent launches.”

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