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Mahindra bags 25,000 bookings for XUV700 in 57 minutes, PRICE HIKED

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Just after Mahindra began the booking process for the new XUV700, the car registered 25000 bookings in just 57 minutes. The XUV700 becomes the first four-wheeler to achieve this milestone. The brand also revealed that the first 25000 XUV700s would have a production time of up to 6 months, depending on the variant. Mahindra will reopen the next set of 25000 bookings starting 8th October at 10 am. Customers can book the next set of XUV700s via dealerships or digital platforms at new price points.

Mahindra XUV700 – New Pricing (For Next 25,000 Bookings)

The entry-level MX variants come with a price of:-

  •  MX (5-seater MT)- Petrol (INR 12.49 lakh), Diesel (INR 12.99 lakh)

The AdrenoX AX range comes with a price of:-

  • AX3 (5-seater MT)- Petrol (INR 14.49 lakh), Diesel (INR 14.99 lakh*) 
  • AX3 (5-seater AT)- Petrol (INR 15.99 lakh), Diesel (INR 16.69 lakh) 
  • AX5 (5-seater MT)- Petrol (INR 15.49 lakh**), Diesel (INR 17.09 lakh**) 
  • AX5 (5-seater AT)- Petrol (INR 17.09 lakh), Diesel (INR 17.69 lakh**) 
  • AX7 (7-seater MT)- Petrol (INR 17.99 lakh), Diesel (INR 18.59 lakh) 
  • AX7 (7-seater AT)- Petrol (INR 19.59 lakh), Diesel (INR 20.19 lakh), Diesel AWD (INR 21.49 lakh)

The recently launched top-spec AX7 Luxury Trim comes with a price of:-

  • AX7 Luxury (MT)- Diesel (INR 20.29 lakh) 
  • AX7 Luxury (AT)- Petrol (INR 21.29 lakh), Diesel (INR 21.89 lakh), Diesel AWD (INR 22.99 lakh)

*signifies the availability of a 7-seater option at an additional INR 70,000 

**signifies the availability of a 7-seater option at an additional INR 60,000

Mahindra XUV700 – Demand in Market

Since its name reveal, the XUV700 has received over 2.6 lakh enquiries and created a new benchmark in Passenger Vehicle social media landscape. The car has received more than 223 million video views, 142 million of reach, 6.48 million website visitors and 4.2 million worth of social media engagement.

Mahindra XUV700: Engine Specifications and Features 

The top-spec AX7 luxury variant of the XUV700 offers two types of engine options. The diesel motor paired to the manual gearbox produces 185 PS of power and 420 NM of torque. When paired to the automatic transmission, the same motor produces identical power and 450 Nm of torque. Mahindra’s new 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine on the XUV700 produces 185 PS of power and 450 Nm of torque. The petrol motor is only available in an automatic format on the top-spec AX7 luxury variant. 

The AX7 luxury variant of the XUV700 includes a whole host of new convenience features and technology. Features like the Immersive 3D Sound by Sony, electrically deployed Smart Door Handles, and Wireless Charging comes as standard. With the luxury pack, Mahindra offers additional equipment like a 360-degree Surround View camera, Blind Spot Monitor, Driver Knee Airbag, Passive Keyless Entry and Continuous Digital Video Recording.

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