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Maharashtra Allows learners’ Driving license Test Online

Written by Nayak

Citizens from Maharashtra looking to apply for learners’ license tests won’t have to report to the RTO office. The State Transport Department now allows the applicants to apply and take the learners’ test online from the comfort of their homes. The Aadhaar-based authentication will enable the aspirants to take the new learners’ test. The test has a few videos on road safety, and then the applicants need to attend a quiz after watching the videos. The cut-off score of the test is 60 per cent. And, after finishing the examination, scoring 60 per cent or above, applicants can download their license themselves.

Maharashtra State Transport Department Encourages Online Services

Given the current situation and the sense of uncertainty, this online learners’ test comes in as a very convenient option. Most of the services are getting online now, and hence the RTO department is also working hard to make a transition. The introduction of the online learners’ license test will reduce the footfall at RTOs, thus ensuring the safety of the citizens. Recently, the Maharashtra State Transport Department had also made the new vehicle process completely paperless. Under this, the physical examination of new vehicles at RTOs will not be necessary. The customers can get the registration done after following the proper steps of uploading the documents and e-signatures.

Central Government Also Pushing To Enables Online RTO Services

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is taking necessary steps to enable various online services to go online. The introduction of FASTag has made the toll tax collection so seamless and organized. It is reported that these FASTag can now make their way to various parking lots as well. MoRTH is also allowing drivers to carry the vehicles related documents in digital form. And no police or transport police can penalize the driver for not having the physical copies. This step allows the citizens a convenient way to organize all the vehicle-related documents in digital form.

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