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Listen to the exhaust note of the 300cc Jawa motorcycle

Written by Parichay Malvankar

If there is one brand if not more iconic, but just as much as Royal Enfield, it is Jawa. And the all-new 300cc Jawa motorcycle is scheduled to be revealed to the masses later this week. Meanwhile, the brand has shared a teaser video where one can listen to the exhaust note of the upcoming motorcycle. And it sounds much better than the Royal Enfield models, and surely reminiscent of the old Jawa.

Powering the Jawa motorcycle is going to be a 293cc, single-cylinder engine. This will be a DOHC, liquid-cooled block which is a 4-stroke engine and will produce 27 BHP of power and 28 Nm of torque. Now the exhaust you can listen to in the video below, as per single-cylinder standards, is very likeable. Jawa claims that the engine will have a very good mid-range performance and a flat torque curve to allow for effortless rideability.

Bookings for the new Jawa motorcycle are going to open on 15/11/2018.

Jawa could reveal as much as 4 motorcycle models at the event later this week based on the same platform and with the same engine. It is to be noted that this engine is a reworked version of the motor doing duty in the Mahindra Mojo. Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd is the company bringing back Jawa motorcycles to the modern day, but the company is owned by Mahindra.