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Lexus announces Pre-Owned services and more in India

Written by Nayak

Lexus India announces the launch of a new initiative called ‘Lexus Life’. This is a program planned in a way to provide an exclusive ownership experience for the customers. This will help Lexus to strengthen its footprint in the country further. Lexus Life will bring in a host of ownership benefits, including various crafted plans for finance, service options, roadside assistance, warranty, and insurance. The Company is also introducing the ‘Lexus Pre-Owned’ initiative. This new platform will enable the customers to trade in and upgrade their Lexus cars in a very seamless manner.

Benefits Of Lexus Ownership Portfolio Program

Lexus likes to call its customers’ “guests”, as they want to treat them with full hospitality and comfort like we do with our guests at home. This is also evident from the Guest Experience Centers, which get customer-centric designs for the guests to experience the Lexus life with utmost pleasure. Keeping ‘Omotenashi’, the spirit of Japanese hospitality, as the central idea, Lexus’s every action is rooted in respect and guests’ preferences. Under the ‘Lexus Life’, there are two offers, Lexus Ownership Portfolio and Lexus Pre-Owned platform.

What Is Lexus Ownership Portfolio?

This initiative provides the guests with a host of crafted finance plans, trusted service packages, and other offerings. The Pro Service car includes two-period maintenance packages. Package 1 consists of the Period Maintenance, whereas Package 2 includes both Periodic Maintenance and General Repair. Options available are for 30,000 km, 60,000 km and 100,000 km over a period of 3-years.

Alongside this, Lexus is also offering an extended warranty of 2 years. This is available over and above three year OEM warranty. To enhance the customers’ peace of mind, Lexus is also offering 24/7 Roadside Assistance and a Cashless service facility. Lexus Protect is a program that offers a range of curated insurance products that helps customers to be worry-free. Various finance options are also included under this Lexus Ownership Portfolio. This Lexus Ownership Portfolio is the one-stop solution for all the requirements.

Lexus Pre-Owned Car Services

Lexus Pre Owned platform will offer the customers the best collection of pre-owned cars across India. The Company will also ensure that they maintain their standard of quality and provide their customers with complete peace of mind of owning a pre-owned Lexus. The Company confirmed that all the vehicles undergo rigorous safety and quality checks. All the pre-owned cars will have the manufacturer warranty as per terms and conditions. Guests will also buy to club other services like Extended Warranty Service, Roadside assistance, and ore with their pre-owned cars.

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