Legal Hooliganism: Bobby Ore Stunt Driving School

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

If you are a petrolhead or not, you must have seen the crazy stunt action scenes in epic super hit Hollywood movies like the Fast & Furious Series. How such things are done is something we all thought of, but a very rare breed of humans tried to copy such things.

So, have you ever thought of driving like those stunt acts in real life? No, not illegally and also not on your own car!


Bobby Ore, probably the most experienced and famed stunt driver from Hollywood is giving you this opportunity to flip your car and then smile without getting crashed. The two hour school will lead you through some insane driving techniques from the professionals legally. Starting at 20,000 INR for simple tackling techniques to a few lighter stunts, the range goes up to a whopping 2,15,000 INR for the most technical bends and very ‘Hollywood’ like stunt practice.

The first two days of this school are the same as the two day class, but reinforces the fundamentals and then moves on to an introduction to drifting (where they cover both front- and rear-wheel drive cars).

Also, you get to be behind the steering wheel of a Ford Mustang to do all this.


Bobby Ore Motorsports also trains military personnel & law enforcement officers, and ‘dignitary protection specialists’ in USA.

For more information, you can contact the school directly at BobbyOreMotorsports.com