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Lamborghini reveals Lanzador electric supercar concept

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Lamborghini has showcased the upcoming electric model. However, this is only a concept that will preview the actual EV at a later date. The Lanzador EV concept reveals some of the details of Lamborghini’s first electric car.

Lamborghini Lanzador EV Concept

We can see the future direction of the electric vehicles at Lamborghini by this concept. Like other current Lamborghinis, the Lanzador EV gets a sharp unmistakable styling. Some of the design elements are similar to the Revuelto and Urus SUV. Lamborghini is calling this EV concept the Ultra GT. It gets a high stance with a 2+2 seating. The car comes with two doors and large 23-inch wheels.

Coming to the insides, the Lanzador comes with sporty seats, individual screens for the driver and the passenger, and the signature starter button that is found in other Lamborghinis. The EV’s seats are made from sustainable leather and recycled materials. There is ample amount of carbon fibre used inside as well. For versatility, the rear two seats can be folded to provide more luggage space.

Powertrain of the Lanzador EV Concept

While more details of the car have not yet been revealed, the EV could come with dual electric motors. The peak power could be in the range of 1,300 BHP. Other features of the car could include rear wheel steering, torque vectoring and all-wheel adjustable air suspension.

Furthermore, Lamborghini has not yet revealed the details of the battery or its expected range.

Timeline for Lamborghini’s electric vehicle

The Italian carmaker is expected to commence EV production from 2028. The car that will be developed based on the Lanzador Concept will retail alongside other hybrid cars like the Urus, Huracan’s replacement and the Revuelto.

Lamborghini will transition to hybrid vehicle, followed by electric cars. Both of them will coexist together for a while.

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