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KTM working on 990 Duke to replace the 890?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

During the Euro5 transition, KTM upgraded the LC8c (Liquid Cooled 8-valve Compact) from 789cc to 889cc. This gave birth to the KTM 890 iterations. But the LC8c power unit was similar in architecture. Now, media reports suggest that KTM is working on a new 990 engine. The new engine will come with higher displacement and eventually replace the 890 series LC8c engine. The brand is planning to upgrade the engine to stay ahead of the Euro5b norms.

KTM LC8c – Engine Architecture and Changes

The LC8c engine is a twin-cylinder in-line motor with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection. The engine comes with a larger-displacement 889cc block, but the architecture remains the same. In the upcoming 990 engine, the brand will be making changes to the water-cooling system, heat exchanger and exhaust.

Of course, the new engine will come with a larger displacement and also get larger water jackets and a bigger radiator. The larger heat exchange system helps improve thermodynamics and act as sound deadening for mechanical noise. Sources report that the Euro5b norms will have stricter sound pollution checks, and therefore the test mule appears to have a much chunkier exhaust.

KTM 990 Duke – Spyshots

The KTM 990 Duke appears to get a reworked chassis and swingarm. The redesigned frame and swingarm need to cope up with the added stresses of the more powerful engine. The structure and suspension will also need to for the added weight and change in the handling dynamics. According to sources, pictures of the motorcycle with two steering geometries has emerged on the internet. The brand may offer a relaxed rider’s triangle, and the bike is also likely to come with other iterations. It is also rumoured that KTM is building a sports tourer to compete with the Yamaha Tracer 7 and Tracer 9; some suggest this could be it.

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