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KTM to introduce adaptive cruise control & more sensor-based features

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Safety & electronic features on two-wheelers are improving with each passing day. Car-like functions are soon becoming reality on two-wheelers and after Ducati having clearly revealing that they will introduce radar-based features, even KTM has revealed that they will be introducing features such as adaptive cruise control on their premium motorcycles.

However, hold your horses. These features will obviously be seen on the high capacity motorcycles from KTM, and not on the Duke & RC series we have on sale in India. KTM even showcased a working prototype of this function being put to use.

KTM is working on Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection. These features although could be revealed at the EICMA show later this year, the addition of these in mass production motorcycles is still going to take some time. These features which rely on onboard computers need to be refined & tested extensively before being allowed for road usage by customers.

The working prototype demo was on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure motorcycle. It sported front and rear sensors following another vehicle. The rider demonstrated how the motorcycle was able to match speeds with the vehicles ahead by releasing his right hand from the throttle and front brake and even lifting off the right foot off the brake lever. So this was clearly a successful test run. The sensors will modulate the throttle and even apply brakes when necessary maintaining a safe distance when adaptive cruise control is activated, and will ensure safety without rider input.

Blind spot detection function, as we’ve seen in cars, will have LED notifications in the turn indicators when there is another vehicle / object in the blind spot of the motorcycle / rider.

Would you trust a computer entirely for your safety when on a two-wheeler? Exciting times ahead…