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KTM Pro-XP Independence Day ride in 125 towns across India

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

KTM India has plans to conduct a special ride over 125 towns across the country to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence. As per KTM, over 2500 riders will take part in this event. KTM Pro-XP is a riding and community engagement program that aims at offering a range of professional riding experiences across Trail, Track and Tarmac for KTM owners. Events like these help the riders to hone their riding skills to a pro level. Furthermore, with KTM’s rich history in motorsport, events like these prove KTM’s never-ending dedication.

KTM Pro-XP Program

Ride events under the KTM Pro-XP program range from high-altitude rides on the Himalayas to thrilling tarmac rides around the city. Hence, KTM offers a wide range of rides to learn from and enjoy. These KTM Pro-XP platforms are also the perfect platform to help the owners discover their true biking potential. Furthermore, It is also a great opportunity to meet like-minded KTM riders and feel the camaraderie amongst them.

This community is also a great platform to learn from each other as a community. Usually, every 3rd Sunday of the month, the KTM dealers organise “Urban Escapes”. These are short day rides to nearby less explored destinations. KTM owners can visit their nearest showroom to express their interest and be a part of the next edition of the Urban Escapes. Organising a special ride on the occasion of 75 years of Indian Independence is a great idea. All the riders will have a sense of pride and togetherness on that particular day.

KTM’s Special Ride Events

With the growing popularity of the KTM brand in India, these regular ride events are a great success. In the recent few months, KTM has organised quite a number of these Pro-XP events. There was one that took the riders to the Dhar Lung Wooh Pass in Spiti. Then there was another ride event to Ladakh exclusive for the KTM Adventure owners. Thus, KTM has always been a forerunner in organising such events.

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