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KTM launches Pro-XP App for Indian bikers

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has unveiled its latest ‘KTM PRO-XP’ App to digitize the biking experiences in India. With the KTM PRO-XP App, Indian bikers can record and track the number of trips along with their riding adventures. Owners can track and record their distance, pictures, and maps along with starting, searching or joining rides with other KTM owners. The brand has stated that the new app encourages owners to create automated travel stories and videos seamlessly.

The app also enables Indian riders to connect with other like-minded KTM owners to share their experiences within the community. Via the app’s ‘Discover’ tab, riders can book KTM’s specially curated PRO-XP events, which include a variety of riding experiences. KTM owners can access the exclusive, exciting, premium and differentiated experiences spread across Off-Road Adventure, Street, and Track. The brand has developed the app by partnering with KOGO, which is one of India’s leading road trip platforms.

KTM Pro-XP App: Features 

Owners can access the app by downloading them from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store in 2 sections. The KTM PRO-XP & KTM_SERVICE included within the app hosts a variety of key features, which are as follows:-

Record: Indian KTM owners can record and track their everyday riding details, such as the distance travelled and saddle time. By referring to the dashboard, riders can also check out even more interesting measuring parameters. To focus on the ride, the app’s ‘Automated Storytelling’ feature covers the template, captions, and map for the story.

Connect: To become part of something even greater, KTM owners can use the app to connect with other like-minded owners. This provides a great way for enthusiasts to discuss bikes or biking, plan their next ride, and join interactive groups.

Share: KTM owners can make every ride memorable via the app as they can share or view their own journey. The owners can also follow other KTM owners on their journey via live feed from the app itself. By sharing these adventures, KTM encourages owners to create or relive unforgettable experiences and memories.

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