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KTM e-Scooter could use Bajaj Chetak electric powertrain, new design sketch revealed

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

KTM has been developing a small electric powered scooter to be sold in the international market confirmed by the PIERER Mobility Group (formerly KTM Industries Group) on several occasions. But for the first time, the brand has revealed the latest iteration of the KTM eScooter which appears to heavily draw its design inspiration from the KTM E-Speed Project that was unveiled back in EICMA 2013. 

The new design sketches are speculated to be the final renderings before the eScooter goes into production and if that is the case the design on the KTM electric scooter appears quite sharp and in-line with the brand’s design philosophy. It is also speculated that KTM will dub the future electric scooter the KTM E-Motion.

While the brand is still about its powertrain PIERER Mobility Group officially confirmed its collaboration with Bajaj Auto and it is being speculated that the KTM electric scooter will be powered by the electric powertrain from the Bajaj Chetak electric. Powering the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is a 3 kWh, IP67 rated dust and waterproof, battery pack with an electric motor rated to produce 4kW/14 Nm and claims to have a riding range of more than 95 km on a full charge. The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter takes 5 hours to completely recharge while it takes 3 hours and 30 minutes for the battery to attain an 80% State of Charge.

KTM and Bajaj have already announced their strategic partnership in the EV segment and the KTM-Bajaj eScooter has been confirmed to roll out in 2022. KTM is also likely to launch the eScooter in the Indian market and through the partnership, the Bajaj is also likely to export the Chetak electric in the international market, through KTM dealerships. By sharing the parts and powertrain KTM will benefit from the streamlined process and will be able to align the eScooter at a competitive price. 

As of now, it is difficult to speculate the price on the KTM eScooter but to put things into perspective, the Bajaj Chetak electric which is likely to share the powertrain is priced starting at INR 1 lakh ex-showroom (USD 1,350).

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