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Komaki XGT-X1 is India’s most economical electric scooter

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Last year in June saw the debut of the Komaki XGT-X1 electric scooter by Komaki Electric Vehicles, one of India’s leading EV manufacturers. Being declared as India’s most economical electric scooter, the XGT-X1 is priced at INR 45,000 (Gel Battery) and INR 60,000 (Lithium-ion battery) respectively. Combining style, best-in-class features, and comfort for its urban customer base, Komaki has sold around 25000 XGT-X1’s in a short period of time.

No Licence Required

The brand’s range of 12 license-exempted models with 3 high-speed registered ones has struck a chord with Indian customers. The scooter also sports unique features at an affordable price, such as telescopic shockers, an anti-theft lock system, and remote locking. The advanced technology battery launched by Komaki offers its customers a range of 100-120 km per charge in Eco mode. With the ability to traverse long distances, the rider won’t have any qualms about running out of power.

Komaki XGT-X1 – Features

The XGT-X1 features a synchronized braking system, sized-up BIS wheels, seating for two, and trunk space, ensuring a safe ride on rough roads. Komaki’s unique iQ System displays riding info onto the smart-coloured dash, aiding in a smooth and efficient ride. The scooter also brings in multiple sensors along with a repair switch for self-diagnosis and wireless updatable features. Komaki offers a warranty with a 2+1 plan, entailing a 1-year service each for the lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries respectively.

Since its inception in 1987, KLB Komaki Pvt. Ltd. became a trusted name in the Bearing and Driveshaft Business. The organization has received national acclaim, catering towards the needs of Indian customers by manufacturing EVs since 2016.

Other News

After witnessing an impressive sales count during the 2020 fiscal year, Komaki added its 300th dealership in the country. This doesn’t come as a surprise thanks to the increasing demand for electric vehicles in the country. People are more inclined towards buying emission-free electric vehicles due to the growing concerns for environmental safety. The first half of 2021 saw Komaki sell over 21,000 units of electric vehicles.

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