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Komaki launches XGT CAT 2.0 starting at INR 75,000

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Komaki introduces XGT CAT 2.0 in the Indian market starting at INR 75,000 ex-showroom. The Komaki XGT CAT 2.0 Heavy Loader targets the commercial segment customers and comes with a high load-bearing capacity. The Komaki XGT CAT 2.0 is being offered in two variants one with a Gel battery that comes at the price of INR 75,000 ex-showroom and another with a more efficient Lithium-Ion battery pack but the latter is more expensive and retails at INR 85,000 ex-showroom.

Load Carrying Capacity and an Interesting Suspension

The brand claims that the rear suspension of the XGT CAT 2.0 is adequate to take the heavy loads ranging from 300 kg to 350 kg and still keep the electric scooter stable. Interestingly this is the result of six shock absorbers on the rear of the electric scooter. Yes, Komaki has employed six spring-assisted hydraulic shock absorbers that enable the motorcycle to be stable even in bad road conditions as well as while encountering a pothole.

Load Carrier

The brand provides a convertible pillion rider seat and there is also additional storage space on this scooter. In addition to this, the Komaki electric scooter also comes with a front-mounted carrier that allows users to carry some extra oddities on the front rack. The Komaki also comes with a generous footboard.

Powertrain & Mechanical bits

Powering the Komaki XGT CAT 2.0 are two battery types a 72V42Ah Gel type battery and a 72V30ah lithium-ion battery. The company claims that the XGT CAT 2.0 can deliver a range of around 125 km on both variants and the batteries take 1-1.5 units per charge. But Komaki has not yet disclosed the top speed of the electric scooter which could be around 25 to 30 kmph. The Komaki XGT CAT 2.0 rolls on 12-inch wheels shod in tubeless tyres and come with disc brakes on both ends. The e-scooter also comes with an LED headlamp as standard.

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