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Kia wins 2022 Red Dot Award for ‘EV6 Unplugged Ground’

Written by Akhil Dalvi

South Korean automotive giant Kia has constantly worked on innovating itself and creating a revamped global portfolio that caters to all. The automaker from Seongsu, Seoul, launched its first-ever, all-electric crossover, the EV6, in 2022, which has witnessed resounding success and admiration. Adding to Kia’s achievement list is the brand recently winning another 2022 Red Dot Award for its cultural space. Named the ‘EV6 Unplugged Ground’, the innovative complex enables people to experience the award-winning EV6 in fun and imaginative ways.

‘EV6 Unplugged Ground’: Details 

The unique complex has received the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ title in Red Dot’s ‘Interior Architecture and Interior Design’ category. Additionally, Kia aims to make a statement about its refreshed brand image and the EV6 via the ‘EV6 Unplugged Ground’. The bespoke customer space includes experience zones for test drivers and expert product advice, which immerse people into future mobility development. Located in one of Seoul’s most popular districts, Seongsu is formerly an industrial neighbourhood that achieved popularity amongst millennials.

In recent years, Seongsu has become a hub of creativity and fashion for which it’s affectionately known locally as the ‘Brooklyn of Korea’. Kia states that the EV6 Unplugged Ground’s purpose is to convey the message about a new life with 4 attributes. These include recycling, sustainability, future mobility, and electric vehicles, which in turn will allow Kia to preserve the environment. Kia states that it chose Seongsu as the location because the neighbourhood also witnessed a transformation similar to the brand.

Red Dot Awards: Details 

Kia also addressed the fact that its EV6 received the 2022 European Car of the Year and two Red Dot Awards. The first Red Dot award represented the ‘Best of the Best’ accolade for the EV6’s pioneering and forward-looking design. Meanwhile, the second Red Dot award represents the EV6 being declared the winner in the ‘Innovative Product’ category.

Announced annually by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. Additionally, the award has been divided into three disciplines- Product Design, Brands and Communication Design, along with Design Concept. Meanwhile, the history of the traditional ‘Red Dot Award: Product Design dates back to 1955, spanning 67 years in service.

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