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Kia targets carbon neutrality by 2045

Written by Nayak

Kia Corporation announces its plans to become a truly sustainable mobility solutions leader. The long term plan aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. On November 11, the company showcased its ‘Kia Sustainability Movement’, a virtual presentation reflecting its approach to achieving the targets. The company has identified three key pillars, ‘Sustainable Mobility,’ ‘Sustainable Planet’, and ‘Sustainable Energy’, to achieve its carbon neutrality target by 2045. Kia’s efforts for this carbon neutrality includes all segments like supply, logistics, vehicle production and disposal of waste. When compared to 2019, Kia plans to reduce 97% of the company’s 2019 level of carbon emissions.

Kia Aiming Full Electrification By Major Markets By 2040

In order to achieve its target of carbon neutrality, Kia will revamp its electrification process. One of the major contributors to carbon emission is the ICE powered mass-market vehicles. And Kia wants to eliminate this and make a smooth transition to e-mobility. As per plans, Kia aims to fully electrify its vehicle line-up by 2035 in Europe.

By 2040, the company aims to have only electric vehicles in its portfolio across all the major markets. Alongside this, Kia is also working with its suppliers to help them reduce their carbon footprint. By 2022, Kia will create a carbon emissions monitoring system for its partner companies. This will help them identify the suppliers who need the utmost care and help in reducing their carbon footprint.

Kia’s Blue Carbon Project

Under this, Kia aims to not only take decisions to reduce carbon footprint but at the same time also make tangible contributions to preserve the environment. Kia will mainly work on the marine ecosystem, which is known as the most efficient absorbers of carbon. The company also aims to introduce ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ initiative that will help prevent plastic trash from entering the oceans.

Zero Emissions Across All Kia Business Sites

The company aims to achieve zero emissions across all its production sites by 2045. This makes them a genuinely carbon-neutral brand and will send a strong message to other manufacturers. Kia’s site will use electricity sourced from renewable energy by 2030. And by 2040, Kia’s all domestic business sites will also use the same. For key markets like Korea, the US, China, and India, Kia will make use of solar energy electricity generation.

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