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Kia Motors is now ‘KIA’, new brand strategy

Written by Nayak

Kia Motors will now be referred to as only ‘KIA’. The plan to drop the suffix ‘Motors’ from the name suggests that Kia wants to ready itself for new aspirations in the automotive industry. With the new name, Kia will look into developing products for new and upcoming business sectors which will help increase its market share. The recently emerging field in the automotive sector is the electric vehicle and connected car technology, wherein Kia has set up its plans to be a forerunner.

The ‘Plan S’, a long term business strategy of Kia, is aimed towards developing electric vehicles whose main agenda is to launch seven EVs by the end of 2027. As per reports, the first EV will be of the coupe-crossover body type and will be based on its parent company, i.e. Hyundai’s E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform). All the seven EVs will be offered across all range of body types like SUVs, MPs, Sedans, Hatchbacks and more.

Recently, Kia unveiled its new logo and brand slogan which reflects its commitment towards providing the best customer experience and bringing up new and innovative products. The new logo resembles an unbroken handwritten gesture which is in tune with Kia’s dedication to continuously develop and enhance its mobility aspirations for the future. The brand’s new slogan ‘Movement That Inspires’ further accentuates its determination to spearhead the automotive industry in the newer emerging markets and also spread its reach in the existing areas of service.

Currently, Kia has its network of services across 190 markets and employs over 52,000 personnel. It has its manufacturing units spread across 6 different countries with annual cumulative sales of 3 million units. With the new slogan and brand logo, Kia wants to spread the message about its resurgence in the market with upcoming new launches especially in the electric vehicle segment. Even, in India, Kia along with its parent company Hyundai is giving a tough fight to Maruti Suzuki for the best-selling car manufacturer tag. The rumoured latest launch of Kia is an MPV, which will be positioned to lock its horn with Ertiga and Marazzo. The launch is expected to happen sometime in 2022.