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Kia India has sold 4,00,000 cars with connected tech so far

Written by News Team

Kia India has achieved a significant milestone by selling over 400,000 connected cars. The company’s connected car variants account for more than 44% of its overall domestic dispatches, making it one of the best industry case studies. Moreover, Kia India’s connected car variants are growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30.9%, surpassing the global growth forecast of 18% by 2032.

Dominance of Seltos and Carens

The Seltos, contributing 65% to Kia’s total connected car sales, leads the pack. Customer preference for Seltos models has consistently favored variants equipped with connected car features, making up 57% of all Seltos units sold. Following the Seltos, the Carens shows a similar trend, with 31% of its customers choosing connected car variants. Despite telematics being available in only seven variants of the Sonet, these models still contribute a significant 21% to the total Sonet sales.

Popular Features

Kia has consistently pioneered the implementation of advanced connected car functionalities in their vehicles. Some of the most popular features appreciated by customers include:

  • Hinglish Commands: Users can now control car features through Hinglish commands like “Sunroof Kholo,” adding an extra layer of convenience.
  • Remote Window Control: This feature allows users to operate their car windows remotely.
  • Remote Engine and AC Start: This keeps the car ready and cooled/heated, so it’s ready to drive when the user is.
  • Valet Mode: This restricts access to your AVNT, protecting your privacy.

A Word from Kia India

Mr. Myung-sik Sohn, Chief Sales and Business Officer, Kia India, commented on Kia’s technology leadership in the automotive industry. He said, “We have differentiated our brand in the market for its design and technology superiority. In today’s hyper-connected world, customers want their cars to be seamlessly integrated with their lifestyle, driving a surge in demand for technology-enabled cars. We will continue to introduce more and more connected car features to offer a safer, more connected, and enjoyable drive experience to our new-age customers.”