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Kia & Hyundai cars could feature integrated folding electric scooters

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Yes yes yes, the future is electric. We know that. But with this piece of news, it sounds super exciting and interesting as well. Hyundai & Kia cars in the future could have an integrated electric scooter. This EV which would be included for last mile connectivity could be folded and placed in some part / panel of Hyundai / Kia cars which are currently not making the best use of space.

Hyundai Motor Group has worked to create a new prototype electric scooter which it had showcased at the CES 2017. The new model of this electric scooter will have rear-wheel drive and will run on a lithium-ion battery. The brand will also offer this electric scooter with front and rear LED lights for visibility at night. By having these included / integrated in the cars, users will be able to still have a motorised vehicle to reach where the car will not be able to. And since it can be folded and carried with you, it makes perfect sense as well.

When you mount the electric scooter in Hyundai / Kia cars, it will get charged automatically thanks to the electricity which will be generated while driving. Hence, the user will not have to spend time separately to have this e-scooter charged. Compared to the old concept, the shift from front-wheel to rear-wheel drive will improve stability with a rear-biased weight distribution. The front wheel of this EV will also get a small suspension setup to prevent the rider hands getting hurt / tired due to uneven road surface.

This integrated scooter will run on a 10.5 Ah lithium-ion battery and will have a top speed of 20 kmph with a total riding range of 20 km on a single charge. With the weight of just 7.7 kg, it will literally be very easy to carry. The scooter will function a tri-folding body which would make it compact to be kept even at home / office. The scooter will have a digital display area which will show you data such as battery status and speed. Hyundai Motor Group is also working to add regenerative braking into the scooters’ systems to enhance the riding range by an additional 7%.