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Kia Digi-Connect launched in India, unique ‘phygital’ initiative

Written by Nayak

Kia India takes a step forward to enable an enhanced digital experience for its customers. The car manufacturer announces the launch of ‘Kia Digi-Connect’, which claims to be an industry-first integrated solution. In the current times, customers are spending more time at their homes. Thus Kia wants to take the full opportunity of this by introducing an intelligent integrated digital solution application.

Kia claims that this application will enable the customers to connect with the nearest dealers and get all the assistance over video calls. Kia wants to replicate the showroom-like experience with this new application, even though the customers are not physically present in the showroom.

Kia’s Digi-Connect Will Offer Showroom Like Experience

Digi-connect will also have many other options like 360-degree virtual experience, sharing of documents, and screen sharing. This application makes use of website scheduling and integration with the company’s CRM system. This initiative will help Kia’s customers to be safe from the virus. And also encourage them to stay at home as long as possible. This process also adheres to the Covid-19 guidelines by offering customers a contactless and hassle-free car buying experience. Since Kia entered the Indian market, it has come up with a host of customer-centric initiatives, especially in the digital segment. Kia refers to this as a unique ‘phygital’ experience, which aims to provide a physical showroom-like experience via digital tools.

Features Of Kia Digi-Connect

Kia mentioned that this platform is fully secured and safe, which leverages Kia India’s robust Central Lead Management System. Customers can choose video consultation where they will have an experience of a complete walk-through of Kia cars. Along with this, customers can also experience a 360-degree view of the cars via video conference, screen, and video sharing. This digital platform can also help the customers with their queries, sharing of brochures, pricelist, and more. The application also has the function to add friends and family members to the video call, which will further enhance the customer experience. Kia India’s primary focus is to offer its customers the most advanced tech and build its identity.

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